Back in 2009 I went to a basement show somewhere in DC. Before I left I grabbed the closest camera I had, which happened to be a Kodak disposable film camera. While at the show, I realized that the compact, cheap camera allowed me to get in the pit and photograph from my personal perspective. I didn’t have to step back and shoot from behind the crowd or stand in front safely within a gate. I was up close, shoulder to shoulder with my friends and band members, and that made each image personal. There is nothing like actually being immersed in such an environment, but the interactions caught by this type of documenting come close to the real thing. I was able to capture the sweat, dirt, grime and sometimes blood that comes with touring and going to shows. Ever since that day I started to bring a disposable camera with me almost everywhere I went. The images that I capture are collected on my blog, MOSH BLOG.

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